a nice vibe ... i love you
Worldwide Release: July 22, 2010

Genre: Pop, Independent
Recorded: San Francisco
Released: July 22, 2010
Label: Unsigned

UPC: 859704176425
© 2010 A Nice Vibe



A Nice Vibe
Heaven In My Arms
© 2010 A Nice Vibe. All Rights Reserved

Take my hand,
Come dance with me.
We can sway under stars
To the soft melody.

Hold me close,
Rest your head,
Get lost in the night.
As the moon fills the sky
With its warm golden light.

How I love just who you are,
And I thank the nearest star,
For bringing me this
Heaven in my arms.

Close your eyes,
Let the world slip away.
We can dance through the night
Until dawn of the day.

Just pretend
There's no end,
To this dancer's embrace.
Hold me tight in your arms
So that time can't erase.

All my life,
For all my life
I've waited just for you,
Only you.


Album Cover Photo Credit: Stockbyte/Getty Images
Music Copyright © 2010 by A Nice Vibe. All Rights Reserved.