a nice vibe ... i love you more
Worldwide Release: February 14, 2011

Genre: Pop, Independent
Recorded: San Francisco
Released: February 14, 2011
Label: Unsigned

UPC: 859705442604
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A Nice Vibe
I Wonder
© 2011 A Nice Vibe. All Rights Reserved

I wonder what she's dreaming,
I wonder where she goes.
I wonder when she's smiling,
I wonder if she knows.

I think about how life would be,
If I had never let her go.
I think about what love could be,
To have her all alone with me.

I wonder what she's doing,
I wonder where she lives.
I wonder how she's feeling,
I wonder who she's with.

Did she find the kind of life,
That she was looking for.
Did she find the kind of love,
That gave her so much more than me.

I wonder if she's sad,
Or has a broken heart.
But maybe she's moved on,
She's made a brand new start.


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Music Copyright © 2011 by Greg Charles Mihran. All Rights Reserved.