a nice vibe ... i love you
Worldwide Release: July 22, 2010

Genre: Pop, Independent
Recorded: San Francisco
Released: July 22, 2010
Label: Unsigned

UPC: 859704176425
© 2010 A Nice Vibe



A Nice Vibe
Never Let Her Go
© 2010 A Nice Vibe. All Rights Reserved

I remember long ago
My mama told me son,
Meet lots of girls and have some fun.
But when the time has come
For you to settle down.
You've got to find yourself just one.

Don't you ever worry,
There's no need to hurry.
Take your time and get it right.

Find a girl who makes you happy
With the man you are.
Find a girl who makes you proud of
All your life so far.
Listen to your heart,
You'll know her from the start.
Find that girl and never let her go.

Now that all those years have passed
I am on my own,
I still remember what she said.

No it doesn't always work out,
You lose your love but don't know how.
It feels like it's the end,
But you will love again.
Just wait and someday you'll ...


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Music Copyright © 2010 by A Nice Vibe. All Rights Reserved.