a nice vibe ... i love you
Worldwide Release: July 22, 2010

Genre: Pop, Independent
Recorded: San Francisco
Released: July 22, 2010
Label: Unsigned

UPC: 859704176425
© 2010 A Nice Vibe



A Nice Vibe
© 2010 A Nice Vibe. All Rights Reserved

Sometimes in the night I hold your hand,
As you lay sleeping by my side,
So close to me.
Feel the warmth of life within your gentle touch,
The softness of your skin,
So close to me
Listening to the rhythm of your breathing,
Feel your breath upon my cheek,
As you lay close to me.

We are like a symphony
Of love, life and melody,
Sharing love in harmony
And living life as one.
A symphony of you and me.

Sometimes in the day I close my eyes,
As you whisper all the words you say,
So close to me.
Lost within the gentle grace of how you share,
The smile within your face,
So close to me.
Listening to the rhythm of your heart beat,
Feel your kiss upon my cheek,
As you move close to me.


Album Cover Photo Credit: Stockbyte/Getty Images
Music Copyright © 2010 by A Nice Vibe. All Rights Reserved.