a nice vibe ... i love you
Worldwide Release: July 22, 2010

Genre: Pop, Independent
Recorded: San Francisco
Released: July 22, 2010
Label: Unsigned

UPC: 859704176425
© 2010 A Nice Vibe



A Nice Vibe
Wrapped Up In You
© 2010 A Nice Vibe. All Rights Reserved

I'm watching the rain fall down,
Jumping in time and
Bouncing on the ground.

I don't know what
I'm gonna do,
My whole world is still
Wrapped up in you.

I'm watching the clouds blow in,
Rolling in time and
Dancing with the wind.

I'm watching the cars roll by,
Moving in time and
Staying in the lines.

I close my eyes I see you,
I say your name I hear you,
You were in everything I do.


Album Cover Photo Credit: Stockbyte/Getty Images
Music Copyright © 2010 by A Nice Vibe. All Rights Reserved.